Research for Life

CANQURA Oncology AB is a Swedish research company with rights ownership of a novel cancer treatment.
CANQURA is devoted to the development of an entirely new class of cancer agents with a very favourable benefit-to-risk profile.
Our patented compounds work by targeting and re-programming cancer cells to differentiation and apoptosis with very limited damage to healthy cells.
Our compounds are shown to inhibit tumour growth in vitro in 19 types of cancer.
There is significant safety margin vs. normal non-cancer cells in vitro.
It is possible to build on human experience with our saponin-based vaccine adjuvants which are already in general use.
Promising preclinical data, supporting efficacy in both hematologic and solid tumors and to enhance the efficacy of chemotherapies, with less side effects.
CANQURA has supply and delivery agreements with a major International Pharma company

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