Lab results with C-100 have shown clearly significant effects on acute myeloid leukemia cells

CANQURA AB is now developing a novel type of anti-cancer treatment, based on nanoparticles of natural quillaia-Saponin origin. The mode of action reprograms cancer cells to stop dividing and multiplying, then to differentiate and proceed to apoptosis (natural cell death). It has shown to react in more than 19 types of cancer. Additionally in combination with other anti-cancer therapies, these effects are obtained without negative effects on healthy cells. The resulting product is referred to as C-100. Following an Agreement and the recent acquisition of our vaccine adjuvant technology, C-100 is produced by Croda International PLC. The same technical IP is already in wide use as vaccine adjuvants with Novovax Inc. Other planned uses for C-100 development are as a drug carrier “Delphateq” where initial tests also proved very encouraging.