About us

Short history and boardmembers

Canqura AB originated as a project headed by Professor Bror Morein, [Professor emeritus of virology linked to Clinical Virology Department at Uppsala University] looking into the possibilities of treating cancer through research into the application of Nanoparticulate Quillaja saponin. Our discovery shows treatments induce apoptosis in human leukemia cell lines with a high therapeutic index. Prof Morein has more than 200 publications, 20 patents and patent applications in vaccinology and the technology is in use in the vaccine field with a number of manufacturers including Novovax Inc and CLS. Canqura, with our exclusive rights for use of this technology in cancer treatment, is now actively engaged under current management with taking this technology forward. A supply Agreement with CRODA INTERNATIONAL PLC has been signed to supply C-100 for the purposes of our research and arrangements are in process for conclusive live tests.


Thomas Zetterberg Chairman thomas.zetterberg@gmail.com
Johan Monie Managing Director, Board Member johan@monie.me
Lars Monie Board Member monie@skrallinge.com
Niclas Högberg Board Member niclas.hogberg@hotmail.com