Be part of realizing our vision

Company Strategy

Be part of realizing our vision

Since Canqura was set up, our goal has been to see this technology used to treat cancer and to improve the experience for cancer sufferers. Our efforts to date have shown that this is possible. The next phase of this development is to partner with or transfer the IP to established performers in the field who will take this discovery to the next logical level and finally to delivery to the millions who may benefit. We are looking for companies which are interested in this highly specialized and exciting cancer discovery is invited top contact us for more information.

Following the sale of our Vaccine Adjuvant company to Croda International in order to focus on the cancer field, we have undertaken various further pre-clinical research which suggests a high degree of efficacy in this novel cancer cell treatment. We are currently in discussion for partnering with a world-leading manufacturer of the Saponin based products used to create Canqura’s 2 key treatments Qura 100 and Qura 200.

We now seek investment from VCs or Clinical Organisations, Hospitals or Research Centers with an investment arm capability for Phase 2 and preparation for Phase 3 and market realisation. Investing partners will potentially become world-leading centres of Excellence in novel treatments for cancer. Please contact us for full information on clinical data, patents and business discussions.