Be part of realizing our vision

Company Strategy

Be part of realizing our vision

Since Canqura was set up, our goal has been to see this technology used to treat cancer and to improve the experience for cancer sufferers. Following the sale of our Vaccine Adjuvant company to Croda International in order to focus on the cancer field, we have undertaken various further pre-clinical research which suggests a high degree of efficacy in this novel cancer cell treatment. We have now teams up with Q-VANT - SUPPLIER OF GMP Q21 FRACTIONS. The company’s technology increases the potential for sustainable QS-21 supply.


The global cancer therapeutics market size is expected to be worth around US$ 393.61 billion by 2032 from at US$ 164 billion in 2022,

  • AML – acute myeloid leukaemia $1.3 billion
  • Renal Cancer $6.4 billion
  • Prostate Cancer $13 billion

The Canqura and Q-Vant JV now seeks investment from VCs or Clinical Organisations, Hospitals or Research Centers with an investment arm capability for Phase 1 and 1A and preparation for Phase 2&3 and market realisation. 
Investing partners will potentially become world-leading centres of Excellence in novel treatments for cancer. Please contact us for full information on clinical data, patents and business discussions.